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This form of betting is the popular standard which influences betting markets in North America. Any time you enter a sports book, you will see the odds on spread betting. This can be a lucrative market to study, and something which can add new dimensions to your betting experience. It is, for all intents and purposes, a handicap betting system, but slightly different from the likes of Asian Handicaps.

When placing a wager on spread betting, you are looking for teams to beat the spread. A spread bet will usually be presented in the form of two numbers with a hyphen in between (e.g. 30-32). You can then choose to either buy or sell, by lay a bet of £10 on that. If you buy and the team ends up with 35 points, then you will win £30 because you will be three points over the top margin. If the team gets 28 points, then you will lose £40 (the top margin minus the actual points total). However if you sell, you will be basing your bet on the lower number of the spread, and will win if the number does indeed fall short of that figure. You can get great odds opportunities on spread betting, and can be explored with sites to help you on your way.

Spread betting that primarily used in financial sector focuses for betting results on range of outcomes instead of binary outcome whether a horse wins or looses. The main objective of spread betting happens to be reach as near as possible to actual outcome. Spread betting unlike other betting methods is a legally operated wager and regulated by the FSA an independent body that also monitors financial services like loans and mortgages.

In spread betting a bettor does not need to own the assets to make profit out of them. By spread betting you can make bettor advantage from the improving costs of share without owing them.

Spread can be termed as number of options kept wide open to bet upon including the odds which are expressed as a zero coupon bond. In spread betting generally there two types of betting are common, first is Up bet selected from the top of the book makes spread and the other is down bet selected from the base of the spread. The profit or losses from spread betting can be calculated from the point distance between the close-out and opening prices which are multiplied by the stake point.

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