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Hold Your Nerve: Some Things to Consider Before You Cash Out

28th February 2019 / Julian
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You can’t beat a last minute goal to spice things up in a football match. That is, of course, if you are a neutral spectator. Should it be your favourite team on either end of a last minute strike, it could seriously change your mood for the rest of the day. And don’t get us started on how it could change your mood if you had money on the game.

How many times have you lost a bet thanks to a last-minute goal? It will happen to every bettor in their lifetime and usually you can learn to accept that it simply wasn’t to be. It’s not as if you could have done anything, right? Or could you?

One of the many modern innovations of online betting is the option to cash out your bets in-play. This feature on the bet-slip is available on pretty much any sporting event at the best online sportsbook sites and, depending on how you look at it, the option could be a lifesaver or a pain in the neck. It all comes down to how you use it…

What is a cash out bet?

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Put simply, cashing out is the option to terminate a bet for a sum of money before the final whistle is blown. This relatively new way to gamble is offered by most good sports betting websites and can be found on the player’s bet slip while the match in question is taking place – you’ll find the amount that can be cashed out here.

There are two situations when a player might want to hit the big cash out button. When things are going their way and when things are not going their way and, if you look at it this way, it all comes down cutting your losses. Let’s have a look at some examples:

Cashing our to cut losses

– You might have placed a £10 bet on Arsenal but they go in to the last 15 minutes losing 0-1 to Chelsea. It is still possible to cash out in this situation but the offer made by the bookie will be less than the value of the original stake. So, your thinking behind with option would be that you don’t see Arsenal getting back in the game and you want to recuperate some money from your wager, even if it is a small amount.

As you can see, the option to cash out gives punters something else to think about – as if there wasn’t enough to consider already when placing bets on sporting events! However, done right, this can be a shrewd way to keep your bankroll on the right track, either by guaranteeing that you keep the profit when it is there or by ensuring that your losses don’t cut into your betting balance too much.

Things to think about


If you’re the kind of bettor who puts “pocket money” on the weekend’s football matches, then you might not want to overcomplicate things by bringing the option to cash out in-play into the equation. The reason being that, as with most things in sports betting, it’s only really worth doing if you are serious about putting in the effort to do it right. Plus, the value of cutting losses is much more tangible when we’re dealing with stakes of more than a couple of quid!

If you are eager to give cashing out a bash, then here are some of the most important things to take into account:

– Stats are key: we might think that we know everything about our favourite sports and that we can call the outcome of a game from the intuition in our heads. That’s all good and well, but nothing beats a bit of number crunching to help affirm our own thoughts or perhaps open up new ways of thinking. The most vital stats to consider when betting with the option to cash out is the times in which teams score and concede goals.

– Value is paramount: successful sports gambling is all about finding the right value and it is no more important than when it comes to cash out betting. Using the stats at your disposal, you can make an estimation on how likely something is to happen based on probability – let’s say that Arsenal have lost the lead in the last 15 minutes in 10% of their last 20 matches and Chelsea have only scored in the last 15 minutes in 5% of their last 20 matches. If that is the case, then you’re going to want to find a cash out option that reflects your estimated probability of Arsenal losing a 1-0 lead in the closing stages of the match.

How many variables: knowing the statistics from past matches is crucial, but it’s also important to keep in mind what kind of things can happen in the future. More specifically, how many variables can change the outcome of the result? How many substitutions are left to be made? How many players are on yellow cards? It’s also wise to consider that these variables are vastly multiplied when cashing out on an accumulator bet.

Watch the match: it’s always important to keep one eye on the value of the cash out option but you should also have at least one eye on the match itself. There’s no better way to get a feel for the flow of a game by watching it as it happens. Most of the popular online bookmakers have live streaming services for football games and tennis matches and there is always the option to listen to radio coverage of less popular matches.

The window of opportunity: the inherent gamble of cashing out is not just whether you will or won’t go for it. It is also about when you go for it. The thing is that cash out values get increasingly closer to the end-result profit as the game gets closer to the final whistle and the voice saying “just one more minute” is always going to be in the back of your mind. There is no scientific answer to the question of when to cash out because every game is different, as is every punter. However, it might be worth having your own idea of when you should look to cut losses, be it a window of 5 minutes or 30 minutes. And, whatever you do, don’t cash out a bet at half time!

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