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Euro 2016 Fixtures - Predictions & Betting Odds

Betting Fixtures for the Euro 2016

There are 51 fixtures to be played at Euro 2016 in the summer. France, being the host nation kick it all off on June 10th against Romania, but will Les Bleus be there for the 51st and final game of the tournament (back at the Stade de France where the opener is) and be in line to win the competition for the third time in their history, joining Spain and Germany as the most successful nations in the European Champions? However to get to the final there is a long road ahead because there are 24 nations taking part in this edition for the first time ever, meaning that there is an extra round of action.

So with all those Euro 2016 fixtures heading our way, it is going to bring about a lot of Euro 2016 match betting. Through the group stage in particularly you are going to be inundated with match action to bet on, whether you do that pre-match on Euro 2016 fixtures or do it in-play after kick. Or of course, both! There are some mouth-watering clashes to come in the group stage and some big potential clashes in the knockouts of course. Will it be the big guns marching their way through the bracket or will this new format bring a new winner to the table for the first time, perhaps England or Belgium?

Euro 2016 fixtures Group Stage

Group Stage Matchday 1

Date Time Gr. Fixture Result
Fr. 10th June 20.00 A France v Romania 2:1
Sa. 11th June 14.00 A Switzerland v Albania 1:0
Sa. 11th June 17.00 B Wales v Slovakia 2:1
Sa. 11th June 20.00 B England v Russia 1:1
Su. 12th June 14.00 D Turkey v Croatia 0:1
Su. 12th June 17.00 C Poland v Northern Ireland 1:0
Su. 12th June 20.00 C Germany v Ukraine 2:0
Mo. 13th June 14.00 D Spain v Czech Republic 1:0
Mo. 13th June 17.00 E Ireland v Sweden 1:1
Mo. 13th June 20.00 E Belgium v Italy 0:2
Tu. 14th June 17.00 F Austria v Hungary 0:2
Tu. 14th June 20.00 F Portugal v Iceland 1:1

Group Stage Matchday 2

Date Time Gr. Fixture Result
We. 15th June 14.00 B Russia v Slovakia 1:2
We. 15th June 17.00 A Switzerland v Romania 1:1
We. 15th June 20.00 A France v Albania 2:0
Th. 16th June 14.00 B England v Wales 2:1
Th. 16th June 17.00 C Ukraine v Northern Ireland 0:2
Th. 16th June 20.00 C Germany v Poland 0:0
Fr. 17th June 14.00 E Italy v Sweden 1:0
Fr. 17th June 17.00 D Czech Republic v Croatia 2:2
Fr. 17th June 20.00 D Spain v Turkey 3:0
Sa. 18th June 14.00 E Belgium v Ireland 3:0
Sa. 18th June 17.00 F Iceland v Hungary 1:1
Sa. 18th June 20.00 F Austria v Portugal 0:0

Group Stage Matchday 3

Date Time Gr. Fixture Result
Su. 19th June 20.00 A Switzerland v France 0:0
Su. 19th June 20.00 A Romania v Albania 0:1
Mo. 20th June 20.00 B England v Slovakia 0:0
Mo. 20th June 20.00 B Russia v Wales 0:3
Tu. 21st June 17.00 C Ukraine v Poland 0:1
Tu. 21st June 17.00 C Germany v Northern Ireland 1:0
Tu. 21st June 20.00 D Spain v Croatia 1:2
Tu. 21st June 20.00 D Turkey v Czech Republic 2:0
We. 22nd June 17.00 F Hungary v Portugal 3:3
We. 22nd June 17.00 F Austria v Iceland 1:2
We. 22nd June 20.00 E Italy v Ireland 0:1
We. 22nd June 20.00 E Belgium v Sweden 1:0
All times are GMT

Let’s just jump straight into it then with England. The Three Lions have to battle with Russia, Wales and Slovakia in Group B and it is the Russians that they take on first on June 11th. Not an easy game for the Three Lions, but if they put a win on the board there, they would be firm favourites to top the group. England are 11/10 to beat Russia with the Russians out at 3/1. But ever since the draw Euro 2016 draw was made, home nations fans have been eying up June 16th for the England v Wales fixture. England are 5/6 to win that, with Wales at 21/5. It should be a highly charged affair between the two of them.

In Group C you have a couple more rivals going head to head when Germany v Poland kicks off on June 16th. These two were together in Euro 2016 you may remember and the Poles held their own against the world champions. Group C is a great looking group because you have the tough Ukraine in the mix as well, along with the surprise package of qualifying, Northern Ireland The Irish open with a game against Poland and on June 12, face the Ukraine on June 16th and then close out against Germany on June 21st.

Ireland have some great games coming up as well in Euro 2016 fixtures as they open against Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Sweden on June 13th. Then they take on Belgium on June 18th and finish their group stage against against Italy on June 22nd. That’s all in Group E which looks one of the most competitive pools in the summer finals. The Belgium v Italy clash will happen on June 13th and many punters will be expecting that to be a group decider. The Group Stage matches at Euro 2016 will go from June 10th through to June 22nd.

Euro 2016 fixtures Knockout Stage

The knockout bracket Euro 2016 fixtures starts on June 25th and runs through to the 27th. It’s always fun to try and look ahead to see what potential match ups there could be, however, with Euro 2016 being expanded and up to three teams making it through to the round of sixteen from all but two of the groups, there is a lot of up in the air about the round of sixteen, so it’s hard to plot a course for a nation. For example the second Round of 16 match sees the Winner of Group play whoever finished the best ranked third team from out of Group B/E/F.

Only three of the Round of 16 matches are actually set as you have Runner Up Group A v Runner Up Group C, Winner Group E v Runner Up Group D and the Runner Up Group B v Runner Up Group F. That means if things don’t go quite right for England and they finish second in the group they would play the Group F runner up, one of Portugal, Iceland, Austria and Hungary. If they top Group B then they would place a third placed team from Group A, C or D. Here is how the Round of Sixteen will be lining up.

Euro 2016 Round of 16 - Fixtures and Results

Date Time Fixture Result
Sa. 25th June 14.00 R16-1: Switzerland v Poland 4-5 (pens)
Sa. 25th June 17.00 R16-2: Wales v Northern Ireland 1:0
Sa. 25th June 20.00 R16-3: Croatia v Portugal 0-1 (AET)
Su. 26th June 14.00 R16-4: France v Ireland 2:1
Su. 26th June 17.00 R16-5: Germany v Slovakia 3:0
Su. 26th June 20.00 R16-6: Hungary v Belgium 0:4
Mo. 27th June 17.00 R16-7: Italy v Spain 2:0
Mo. 27th June 20.00 R16-8: England v Iceland 1:2
All times are GMT

So things perhaps won’t really start to take shape until the final eight, with the quarter finals going across June 30th through to July 3rd. That is when you are potentially going to see Group Winner against Group Winner and Group Winner against Group Runner Up. For example in the quarterfinals, the winner of Round of Sixteen Matches 3 and 4 would face off in the quarters and that could England v Portugal. The first of the semi finals is on July 6, the second one following the next day and then all eyes will be on the final at St Denis at Stade de France on July 10th.

Euro 2016 Quarter Finals - Fixtures and Results

Date Time Fixture Result
Th. 30th June 20.00 QF1: Poland v Portugal 3:5 (pens)
Fr. 1st July 20.00 QF2: Wales v Belgium 3:1
Sa. 2nd July 20.00 QF3: Germany v Italy 6:5 (pens)
Su. 3rd July 20.00 QF4: France v Iceland 5:2

Euro 2016 Semi Finals - Fixtures and Results

Date Time Fixture Result
We. 6th July 20.00 SF1: Portugal v Wales 2:0
Th. 7th July 20.00 SF2: Germany v France 0:2

Euro 2016 Final - Fixture and Result

Date Time Fixture Result
Su. 10th July 20.00 Portugal v France 1:0 (AET)
All times are GMT

Predictions & Betting Odds

How far can you look ahead in fixtures betting for the entire tournament? It’s hard until you know the line ups in the knockout stage so break the tournament down into chunks, focusing first of all on the group stage. There are games in the group stage which going to be easier to call than others such as France v Albania as opposed to Belgium or Italy, and while every game is important don’t ignore situations for qualifying, especially in the final round. If a team just needs to coast to a draw while they are playing a team who has to win, bear that in mind in your match outright predictions for Euro 2016 betting.

You are going to generally side with the strongest teams at the end of the day, anyway as they are more likely to progress. Be conservative with your match betting, don’t throw the kitchen sink on upsets happening just because that is what your heart is telling you. Don’t forget small accumulators as well. There’s never really a need to go above fivefolds, but through the group stage there are days for example when there are three games being played and you could take a nice little acca on the three favourites there.

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