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The big summer of international football at Euro 2016 is set for the big kick off on June 10th. Twenty four teams have made it to the European Championship finals and only one will be left celebrating at the end of the tournament to be crowned European Champions. It has been Spain in that position at the conclusion of the previous two editions of the European championships, so can La Roja make it a remarkable three in a row or will they be stopped?

There is so much Euro 2016 betting to come and therefore getting your hands Free Euro 2016 Betting Tips can go a long way.

For your Euro 2016 betting you are going to be faced with a lot of betting options. Everything from the main outright winner market, which will have the big appeal for the most casual of punters, though to the individual match outrights and then going further to live in-play betting on each of those matches, there are betting options upon betting options upon betting options to consider for Euro 2016.

So where do you all start with getting the most value out of the Euro 2016 betting field? Here are some Free Euro 2016 Betting Tips to help you plan your way through the great month.

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Euro 2016 Outright Winner Market

This is the most popular market, because it is really quick and easy to have a wager on who you think will go all of the way and lift the title. Generally the great thing about this, is there is only very rarely a major upset in that one of the power nations in Europe don’t actually get their hands on the title. You can think back to Greece 2004 when they sprung a surprise to lift the trophy and maybe Denmark a couple of editions before that. But out of the fourteen previous editions of the European championships, eight of them have been split between France, Spain and Germany. Of the other six nations that have won it, Italy and the Netherlands have got their hands on the title. So really that is ten editions of the European Championships which have been won by a major European footballing nation.

So you are generally in the ballpark of betting success if you look towards the head of the market. For the Euro 2016 betting, you have France and Germany as joint 7/2 favourites, followed by reigning champions Spain at 11/2, then England a 9/1 and Belgium at 12/1. Italy join in the hunt at 16/1 and everyone else entering the tournament is a quote of 20/1 or more. So you really have a small field to chose from, a 1-in-6 shot of picking out the winner.

Four of the last five editions have gone to either Spain, France or Germany so you can look at perhaps the field getting narrowed to those three. In our Free Euro 2016 Betting Tips section, use stats and history like this to narrow the field and therefore your betting options. Then play an each way bet on your selection. Around the 3/1 price you are still going to get a small return from if your team comes home second and you just get that great insurance with each way odds returning at 1/2.

For example a £5 each way stake stake on Germany at 7/2 would return £3.75 in profit if they finished runners up, while you would take £26.25 in profit if they won. Basically going each-way, this is covering your entire stake either way. Another big one of our Free Euro 2016 Betting Tips would be to avoid the tempting long underdog odds. Croatia for example are priced at 33/1 for a reason. Even if they went on a tear and ended up in the semi finals, that would be the time to have a more realistic wager on them.

Euro 2016 Match Betting

51 matches there are to come from Euro 2016 in the summer. That’s a whole lot of football betting in the space of just a month. So you will get a flood of games coming your way, particularly through the busy group stage period of course. That is where the bulk of the Euro 2016 match betting will actually occur, right there in the first stage of the competition. Because the tournament has expanded to 24 nations this year, you would normally think that means that there are going to be a lot of mis-matches. However, the entire group stage looks pretty competitive, even in the likes of Group F where Portugal, Iceland, Austria and Hungary are going to do battle. There are clear favourites here in Portugal and Austria, however, it doesn’t look all that clear cut so match outright prices at Euro 2016 should offer plenty of value.

But then again you are looking for profit and the best way to shoot for that is by firing off small accumulator wagers. Instead of backing say three favourites on the day of England, France and Belgium in their respective matches, throw them together in an accumulator. Yes, there’s a little more risk, but the pay-offs for backing teams which are short-priced in their match outright is far better combined. Basically you are flipping the risk, instead of throwing a big stake at an odds-on price team (high risk) you can put a small stake down for a shot at big profit (low risk).

Euro 2016 Live in-play betting

If you are heavily into live in-play betting then it is likely that most of your wagering at Euro 2106 well done actually during games. This dynamic form of betting offers a tremendous amount because while watching a game you can actually judge how the action is going. You can feel when a team is on top and where the next goal is likely to come from, or whether it is going to play out as a dull draw. One of our favourite Free Euro 2016 Betting Tips is using in-play betting to hedge your bets.

Say you have bet pre-match on Turkey to beat Croatia, but the Croatians are 1-0 up at half time. It could be then worth backing the Croatians through live in-play betting to win (or draw) the game at full time. So if Croatia then does win, you will have consolidated your losing wager on Turkey. The caveat to this method though is in the odds, check whether it’s worth the extra bet in-play to cover the losses on your pre-match wager. If you have staked £5 on Turkey to win, but need a £10 stake on Croatia to break even (taking into the Turkey loss) then ask yourself whether it’s worth it and never forget that the draw can ruin everything.

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Free Euro 2016 Betting Tips

Read as much as you can and take in any many stats as you can. Those really are the best Free Euro 2016 Betting Tips that we can offer you. Make your own judgements about outcomes and happenings at Euro 2016 because after all it is your money at the end of the day. Don’t forget that you can find a lot of stats and a lot of game and tournament information right here at Football Bookmakers.

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