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The Ultimate Guide to Formula 1 Betting

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Formula 1 is by far and away the most complex sport of them all. You really do need to know your stuff when it comes to wagering on Formula 1 drivers. It's a sport where every single minor detail is taken into account, from the minutest detail of car development to having the correct tire and fuel strategy for each individual race. That's also another point. No race is ever the same. One week they could be racing in the blistering heat of Dubai while the following weekend they could be involved in a manic monsoon in Malaysia. Of course, for the spectators at least, this makes for more entertainment but for the drivers and the constructors, it makes their task even harder and to succeed in Formula 1, and like from hitting a win from a betting perspective, it all boils down to the preparation.


Unfortunately, there are far too many rules governing Formula 1 for us to list them. The rules vary from the maximum size of the front wing to the amount of testing each team is allowed. They really do run a tight ship at F1 headquarters, but the rules are there for a reason. To try and make the sport an even playing field.

For a full list of rules and regulations, visit the Formula 1 website

Fine Tuning

Every sportsman needs to be accompanied with a passion for their chosen sport but more importantly a dedication. It's mind boggling the amount of time and effort every team puts into making their F1 team a success, along with stacks of cash of course. To win any given race, the team will need to work as just that, a team. This will stretch from configuring the car itself, right up to the men working in the pits. Every wrong move could cost the car 1% of time. This may not seem a lot to the untrained eye, but these small percentages are what those dedicated to Formula 1 thrive on.

Race Know-how

Before betting on any race, you need to ensure you've done your research. There are more than a dozen factors that come into effect when trying to predict a race winner and we will highlight just a few.

Fuel Amount - Make sure you've read up on who's carrying the most amount of fuel. This comes into effect in both qualifying and the race itself as the more fuel a car has, the heavier the car becomes. This will lead to much slower lap times and will affect the team's pit stop strategies.

Qualification - To ideally pick a potential winner, you will need to watch qualification. This normally takes place on the Saturday before the race. You will need to spot any crashes or any peculiar lap times. If a car is lapping slower than everyone expects then there's usually a problem, either with the car, the team or the driver. In either case, it's advised you stay away from betting on these.

Form - Just like any other sport, winning a race can come down to confidence. If Lewis Hamilton hasn't won a race for five successive races then chances are his confidence is on a serious lull and it would be advised to steer well clear of betting on Lewis. The same can be said for the team itself. If McClaren haven't won a race in six or so attempts then there may be an internal fault within the camp.

Interviews - A lot can be taken from interviews with members of a certain team or the drivers themselves. They can often provide you with information in regards to any potential problems, any race day tactics and give you a good indication of their overall mood. If they look buoyed and full of smiles then they are probably confident of their chances.

Conditions - The weather conditions play a big part in how the race can pan out. Not only will it make driving extremely difficult, but it will also favour some drivers more than others. Just like horses, some drivers perform better in certain conditions. This can be said for Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel. The young German has made a name for himself by producing some fabulous drives in monsoon weather.

There are of course plenty of other characteristics and factors that will come into play and basic rule of thumb is to do your homework! You can visit several sites to enhance your knowledge of the drivers and the teams. Try visiting both the BBC and F1 websites. They will include various pieces of information that will aid you in picking a winning selection on race day.

Betting Markets

There are a variety of markets available on Formula although they mainly fall into the category of predicting where a driver will finish. This can vary from betting on the race winner to taking a punt on a driver finishing in the points(1-8). However, you can also have a few fun bets with certain aspects like betting on a number of finishers.

Types of bets:

Race Winner - Predicting the winner of the race

Podium finish - Predicting a driver to finish in the top 3

Points finish - Predicting a driver to finish in the top 8

Fastest lap time - To win this bet you will need to successfully chose the driver who records the fastest lap in the race.

Safety Car - With this you can bet on whether you think the safety car will be deployed. The Safety Car will usually be used in drastic weather conditions or after a driver has crashed their car.

Number of finishers - Betting on how many drivers will finish the race. The quote given by bookies can normally vary depending on the weather. The wetter the conditions, more driver retirements.

Winning distance - You can bet on the winning distance. This will be in seconds so if you think a driver will take to the front and enforce a healthy gap then it's worthwhile considering a bet on the winning distance.

You are not just limited to pre-match F1 betting markets. Thanks to live in-play betting you can find yourself flourishing in live racing markets as well. This adds a whole new dynamic dimension to your Formula One betting and it helps you track the race as the unfolds in front of your eyes. It can lend some big value to your Formula One betting.

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