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Football Betting basics should not be too hard to pick up, which means that you can dive quite quickly into the world of online betting to show your skills off. Along with horse racing, football betting is one of the most popular online betting markets there is. Just head to any online bookmaker and you will see, either on the home page news and features, or by the organisation of their sports book menu, that there is a lot of preference given to football. This of course makes getting started with football betting basics a whole lot easier. First of all you will need to find an online bookmaker with which to do your betting. This is easily done by looking over our list of recommended online bookmakers and finding the one that is best for you. All of them will have a strong presence in football betting, and therefore you will need to discover your personal preference of which site, or sites, to use. Once you arrive then you start your football betting.

Football betting basics rest simply in the fixed odds presentation of a market. Let us say the market is for a Chelsea v West Brom match for example. Your online bookmaker will present the fixed odds for the match, which is all based on probability. The odds will read something like Chelsea 1/4, Draw 4/6, West Brom 6/1 just for pure example. What can we read from this? That Chelsea are the outright favourites to win the match because the bookmaker has placed them at the shortest odds (basically less risk, less return). So now you have your football betting options with a mythical £10 in your hand. You can either put the money on the Chelsea win, which will bring winnings of £2.50 (plus stake return), or back the underdog West Brom to win, in which case if it happens then your winnings will be £60 (plus stake return). This is the fun of football betting, do you go big on a banker or take a giant roll of the dice on the unexpected happening? This is the most basic form of football betting, and the fixed odds method is still one of the most tried and tested than punters lean towards. But there are other options to explore, which may just bring higher rewards. To start with football betting basics, the knowledge of how to read odds is vital.

Looking at the example above, backing Chelsea means risking all your money for just a little return, but the bigger risk is backing their opponents and losing your stake. So is a little better than nothing? Of course. But in order to enhance your football betting experience, then it is worth exploring sub markets on a match with your online bookmaker. When you find the market match that you want to bet on, you will generally see the option to click on further bets, and in there you can find a wealth of exciting football betting opportunities. This is really where football betting basics can be stepped up a small notch, as you can find markets such as First, Last or Anytime Goalscorer; Winning Margin; Correct Score; Scorecasts (first Goalscorer plus correct score); Over/Under Goals (where you bet on whether you think the match will have over or under the amount of goals in it, which is generally 2.5); Draw No Bet (where you back a team to win, but get a refund on your stake if the match is tied); Total Corners, Asian Handicap betting and a lot more, depending on which online bookmaker you are using. These are the kind of football markets which are worth taking some time on exploring, and when online bookmakers offer cash back promotions on certain matches, more often than not, Goalscorer, Correct Score and Scorecast bets are covered.

That is just a brief example of how varied even football betting basics can be. There is another valuable factor to take into consideration when getting into football betting, and that is the all important statistical data. Online Bookmakers have grown significantly in this department to include vital stats along with their football markets. The studying of form in football betting, just as it is in horse racing, can mean the difference between winning and losing. You will want to learn to look at things like current form (going back six matches should be ample), head to head stats, key injuries and historical data, as they will play their part in nailing a winner come match day. There's no need to be overwhelmed at first, as form and head to head data will set you on the right track. The trick is to learn to spot trends and streaks which do happen a lot in football. One player may not score for six months and then suddenly he hits two in two games, that kind of streak. Football betting basics start with the right online bookmaker, one which offer competitive odds on matches and then the exploration of individual betting markets. Start small with individual fixed odds match betting, and when you are comfortable, up the ante and explore submarkets, accumulators and all the treasures that your online bookmaker will hold.

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