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Boxing is a sport which does attract a fair amount of followers, especially in Britain. That's mainly down to the fact that our home nations have produced a handful of quality fighters in the last decade and beyond, with the likes of Aamir Khan, Ricky Hatton and Welsh favourite Joe Calzaghe. There are of course many more talented boxers out there but these three in their own right have taken the sport to new heights with the immense records and attitude towards both the sport itself and their loyal fan base.

Betting Misinterpretation

As far as betting goes, Boxing can attract a vast amount of punters. Especially when two of the sport's titans go head to head. The only issue with this sort of top-level clash is that personal choice and favouritism tends to take over what should be the right call. Marked as the biggest fight of the decade, the 2015 bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao saw underdog Pacquiao receive plenty of support, even though he was coming up a level to that of Mayweather. But because of people just wanting to see Mayweather being taken down a peg, a lot of money went on the Filipino fighter who never got into the match and was outclassed.

Knowing Your Stuff

Boxing is a sport which you do need to know you stuff. Research is a must when it comes to predicting an actual winner with several aspects coming into the equation. A boxer's chin (amount of damage he can take), their respective weights (do either fighter need to gain or reduce their weight before a big clash), recent rights, their boxing record and their pre-flight preparation. A boxer can sometimes find it difficult to make the weight required to fight an opponent. If a boxer is too heavy then he will need to undergo vigorous training in order to reduce their body weight and this could take its toll in the fight itself, especially if it goes the distance.

Boxing Fixtures

Unlike many other sports. Fights in boxing are often very hard to predict. You will always get certain camps demanding a fight against one of the so called best fighters around or a chance to fight for a specific title but more times than not, both camps fail to reach an agreement. However, the media does often enhance the chance of the fight happening. They often spark up a rivalry in a bid to see the fight they so dearly sought after. They are normally you best bet for announcing when the next big fight will take place. Unfortunately, unlike football for instance. Fights aren't regular. They can come at any time of the year and it always boils down to money. It's hard to miss the big, big fights.

Boxing Markets

Just like any other sport, there are several interesting bets a boxing fanatic can have a dabble at. The obvious one, of course, will be the Win-Draw-Win market. This is of course basically predicting which fighter will win. If the fight ends in a tie, then bets on either fighter to win will count as losers.

However, if a fight is considered to be a one-sided affair then bookies tend to reach out to the punters but adding proposition markets. This can vary from betting on how many rounds there will be in a fight to betting on which round they fight will end.

Round Betting - Boxer is a strong favourite to win the fight and has been given a quote of 1/5 to win the fight overall. This price won't appeal to many punters so round betting will be introduced. The bookies think Boxer A will win fairly comfortably so they put up; Over 6 Rounds 4/5, Under 6 Rounds 5/6. If you think the fight will last a lot longer then the bookies expect then betting on the fight to go at least into the seventh round is the best for you. If you think the fight will be over and done with within the opening few rounds then betting on Under 6 rounds is for you.

Over 6 rounds - Both fighters must be in the ring when the seventh round starts.
Under 6 rounds - The fight must be over by the time the seventh round starts.

Winning Method - Another popular market is betting on the actual winning method. If a boxer has a prolific record for knocking out their opposition then it's probably best to back that fighter to win by KO or Stoppage.

Boxer A to win by KO or Stoppage - 2/5
Boxer B to win by KO or Stoppage - 2/1

This is fairly simple. Basically, if back Boxer A to win by KO or Stoppage then they must win before all the allocated rounds are up. If Boxer A knock outs his opponent in round seven, but the amount of rounds allocated are 12 then your bet is a winner. The same applies if you back Boxer B.

Winning Round - This type of bet is often used by punters who want to have a fun bet on a fight or those who wish to attempt covering several possible outcomes in what is generally called spread betting. The aim of this market is to predict exactly in which round one fighter will win the fight.

For Instance:

Boxer A to win in round - 1 9/1
Boxer A to win in round - 2 6/1
Boxer A to win in round - 3 5/1
Boxer A to win in round - 4 4/1
Boxer A to win in round - 5 5/1

If you think Boxer A will knock-out his opponent in the fifth round then you would bet on 'Boxer A to win in round 5' at odds of 5/1. However, if you think he will get the job done in the first few rounds then you could back both 'Boxer A to win in round 1 and Boxer A to win in round 2'. If Boxer A wins the fight in either round 1 or round 2 then you will be a winner with odds of around 4/1, depending on which round was the winner.

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