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With the 2014 FIFA World Cup right around the corner, there are some important dates to put in your calendar. Maybe you will need to book some time off work in advance, so that you can enjoy watching your nation at Brazil 2014. Perhaps you are planning a trip to one of the large screen FIFA Fan Fest gatherings which they are putting on, or maybe you just want to make sure that you get your bets in on time for a match.

Whatever your World Cup 2014 movies are, knowing when things are happening is paramount. The opening match of the 2014 World Cup starts on June 12 when host nation Brazil takes on the challenge of European nation Croatia in Rio. It should be a very special atmosphere there.

Just a couple of days later, Roy Hodgson's England will kick off their quest for World Cup glory against Italy in Manaus. England's second match sees them head to Sao Paulo to take on Uruguay, before rounding off their group matches on June 24th against Costa Rica in Belo Horizonte. England have faced Uruguay twice in World Cups, losing one and drawing one. The draw was a 0-0 affair in the group stage of 1966 and we know what happened that year. England have played Italy once in the World Cup, losing the third placed play off in 1990, and the Three Lions have never faced Costa Rica competitively before.

World Cup 2014 - Fixtures & Results

World Cup Fixtures and Results - Group Stage Matches - Round 1
Date Time Gr. Fixture Result
Th 12th June 21.00 A Brazil v Croatia 3-1
Fr 13th June 17.00 A Mexico v Cameroon 1-0
Fr 13th June 20.00 B Spain v Holland 1-5
Fr 13th June 23.00 B Chile v Australia 3-1
Sa 14th June 17.00 C Colombia v Greece 3-0
Sa 14th June 20.00 D Uruguay v Costa Rica 1-3
Sa 14th June 23.00 D England v Italy 1-2
Su 15th June 02.00 C Ivory Coast v Japan 2-1
Su 15th June 17.00 E Switzerland v Ecuador 2-1
Su 15th June 20.00 E France v Honduras 3-0
Su 15th June 23.00 F Argentina v Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-1
Mo 16th June 17.00 G Germany v Portugal 4-0
Mo 16th June 20.00 F Iran v Nigeria 0-0
Mo 16th June 23.00 G Ghana v USA 1-2
Tu 17th June 17.00 H Belgium v Algeria 2-1
Tu 17th June 23.00 H Russia v South Korea 1-1
All times are GMT

World Cup Fixtures and Results - Group Stage Matches - Round 2
Date Time Gr. Fixture Result
Tu 17th June 20.00 A Brazil v Mexico 0-0
We 18th June 17.00 B Australia v Holland 2-3
We 18th June 20.00 B Spain v Chile 0-2
We 18th June 23.00 A Cameroon v Croatia 0-4
Th 19th June 17.00 C Colombia v Ivory Coast 2-1
Th 19th June 20.00 D Uruguay v England 2-1
Th 19th June 23.00 C Japan v Greece 0-0
Fr 20th June 17.00 D Italy v Costa Rica 0-1
Fr 20th June 20.00 E Switzerland v France 2-5
Fr 20th June 23.00 E Honduras v Ecuador 1-2
Sa 21st June 17.00 F Argentina v Iran 1-0
Sa 21st June 20.00 G Germany v Ghana 2-2
Sa 21st June 23.00 F Nigeria v Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-0
Su 22nd June 17.00 H Belgium v Russia 1-0
Su 22nd June 20.00 H South Korea v Algeria 2-4
Su 22nd June 23.00 G USA v Portugal 2-2
All times are GMT

World Cup Fixtures and Results - Group Stage Matches - Round 3
Date Time Gr. Fixture Result
Mo 23rd June 17.00 B Australia v Spain 0-3
Mo 23rd June 17.00 B Holland v Chile 2-0
Mo 23rd June 21.00 A Cameroon v Brazil 1-4
Mo 23rd June 21.00 A Croatia v Mexico 1-3
Tu 24th June 17.00 D Italy v Uruguay 0-1
Tu 24th June 17.00 D England v Costa Rica 0-0
Tu 24th June 21.00 C Japan v Colombia 1-4
Tu 24th June 21.00 C Greece v Ivory Coast 2-1
We 25th June 17.00 F Nigeria v Argentina 2-3
We 25th June 17.00 F Bosnia and Herzegovina v Iran 3-1
We 25th June 21.00 E Honduras v Switzerland 0-3
We 25th June 21.00 E Ecuador v France 0-0
Th 26th June 17.00 G USA v Germany 0-1
Th 26th June 17.00 G Portugal v Ghana 2-1
Th 26th June 21.00 H South Korea v Belgium 0-1
Th 26th June 21.00 H Algeria v Russia 1-1
All times are GMT

World Cup Fixtures and Results - Round of the last 16
# Date Time Fixture Result
49 Sa 28th June 17.00 Brazil v Chile         4-3 (PS)
50 Sa 28th June 21.00 Colombia v Uruguay 2-0
51 Su 29th June 17.00 Holland v Mexico 2-1
52 Su 29th June 21.00 Costa Rica v Greece         6-4 (PS)
53 Mo 30th June 17.00 France v Nigeria 2-0
54 Mo 30th June 21.00 Germany v Algeria          2-1 (AET)
55 Tu 1st July 17.00 Argentina v Switzerland          1-0 (AET)
56 Tu 1st July 21.00 Belgium v USA          2-1 (AET)
All times are GMT

World Cup Fixtures and Results - Quarter Finals
# Date Time Fixture Result
57 Fr 4th July 21.00 Brazil v Colombia 2-1
58 Fr 4th July 17.00 France v Germany 0-1
59 Sa 5th July 21.00 Holland v Costa Rica         4-3 (PS)
60 Sa 5th July 17.00 Argentina v Belgium 1-0

World Cup Fixtures and Results - Semi-Finals
# Date Time Fixture Result
61 Tu 8th July 21.00 Brazil v Germany 1-7
62 We 9th July 21.00 Holland v Argentina         2-4 (PS)

World Cup Fixtures and Results - Play-Off for 3rd place
# Date Time Fixture Result
63 Sa 12th July 21.00 Brazil v Holland 0-3

World Cup Fixtures and Results - Final
# Date Time Fixture Result
64 Su 13th July 20.00 Gemany v Argentina          1-0 (AET)
All times are GMT

The first round throws up some very interesting dates, especially in Group B, where the opening match between reigning champions Spain and the Netherlands on June 13th, could essentially be the deciding game as to who comes out on top of that group. In Group G Germany v Portugal on June 16 is the highlight clash of that group for supremacy.

The one game which all 32 participants in the 2014 World Cup are dreaming of playing in, is Game 64 of the tournament, the World Cup Final itself. The big event takes place in the updated Maracana in Rio on July 13th, with the two semi finals being held over July 8th and 9th.

There are potentially big clashes in the first knockout stage, if results go a certain way. Brazil could play Spain for example, while England could face Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast or Japan. France could go up against Argentina in the round of sixteen, while the promising dark horses that are Belgium may well go up against either Germany or Portugal in their first knockout match. Those scenarios could happen if one of the seeded teams end up in second place, which means they would play a group winner, more likely than not, a seeded team.

Every game is vital in the world cup and past results will be on the mind of players and management alike, as they go into the new matches. The results that stick out the most are the notorious upsets where the underdogs have had their day. Those are the World Cup results that the modern day players daren't dream of letting happen again. Remember Argentina 0, Cameroon 1 in 1990? Remember Senegal beating France 1-0 in 2002? How about Northern Ireland's 1-0 win over Spain in 1982? Or South Korea's 2-1 victory over Italy in 2002? There is always the potential for an upset, and the big teams which can avoid the potential banana skins, will show the qualities needed to lift the trophy.

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