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What is Each Way Betting?

28th February 2019 / Julian
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One of the first things a new bettor need to get to grips with is each way betting – what it is, how it works, how to place an each way bet and so on.

Luckily, each way betting is not a complex thing to learn, and absolutely everything you need to know is covered right here in this article.

Once you understand the fundamentals, you should be able to make solid each way bets with complete confidence, as assuredly as someone who has been betting for years.

Each way bets are possible in a variety of sports and are popular in motor racing, golf, greyhound racing and most commonly horse racing.

What does each way mean in betting?

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To break it down to its fundamental components, when you say you are making an each way bet you are actually making two separate bets. For instance, a £10 each way bet would means you have placed £10 on the horse to win and £10 on the horse to place. Your two bets of £10 each cost you a total of £20.

In practice, how does each way betting work?

It is very simple. You make your selection and declare it as an each way bet. From here, there are three possible scenarios.

  1. The horse wins. Both of your £10 bets are winners.
  2. The horse finishes outside of the places. It loses and both bets are losers.
  3. The horse places but fails to win. The £10 you bet on it winning is a losing bet, but the £10 you put on it placing is a winning bet.

How do I know if my horse placed?

Each way odds will be clearly expressed on the race card or website you bet on and are expressed in a way which makes them easy to recognise. You will see a fraction followed by a number something along the lines of this “1/5 1-3” or “1/5 1,2,3”. In this instance, that means your horse would have to finish in the top three places to be considered placed.

The number of places a race pays out to depends on the type of race it is and how many runners are taking part. A good rule of thumb is that more runners means more paying places. Check to be sure.

The fraction represents how much the bet pays out for the horse placing. Since placing is more likely than winning the returns are lower, in the example above the placing part of the bet pays out at 1/5 the price of a win.

So, if you are betting £10 each way on a horse that is priced at 9/1 with a 1/5 payout for placing, you will need to know exactly what you receive if your horse wins. You could use an each way betting calculator, but it is useful to be able to calculate returns in your head.

Calculate each bet separately. For the win part of the bet, your returns are calculated at 9/1. Your £10 returns £100. For the place part of your bet, you receive 1/5 of that £20. The second £10 bet returns £20. In total your £20 winning bet returns £120.

As we said at the start, betting each way applies to many more sports than horse racing, but since sports like football, tennis and snooker are played between two participants, you won’t find each way bets for individual games.

You can, however, make each way bets on these all of sports if you are betting on league positions or tournament results as long as you are patient enough to wait for your money.

For further betting tips including each way betting tips, keep checking back with us. We’re sure to steer you in the right direction.

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