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What is a Yankee Bet in Football? Meaning & Calculator

28th February 2019 / marcus
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Multiple bets allow punters the chance to combine selections into one wager and being able to take some coverage on the selections as well. A Yankee is a form of a full cover bet and it offers the punter the chance to collect a bit of a return but as the option does not cover singles in the bet, then a Yankee needs a minimum of two selections to pick up a return.

What is a Yankee bet?

A Yankee bet is created from 4 different selections. From those four selections, there are a total of 11 separate bets that can be created, namely six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold accumulator. Again, a Yankee doesn’t include singles so you need to two selections minimum, which would of course cover one of the doubles, to win something.

A Yankee with the four singles included creates the highly popular Lucky 15 which most punters will have heard of, even if they have never played one. But of course, the other difference between the two is that it means that you have less stake output in a Yankee compared to a Lucky 15 because you are placing eleven wagers instead of, you guessed it, fifteen.

How does a Yankee bet work?

Every possible bet in the Yankee will be covered (aside from shingles) if all four selections in the bet win their legs (each double possibility, each treble and the straight acca). But the boon of this type of coverage comes by the possibility of some profit coming back (depending on odds of course) if not all legs win. So you could have a nice return from just three selections coming up, which is always nice as seeing an entire bet lose by just one leg is infinitely infuriating.

Yankee Bet in Football – Example

Real Madrid to win 5/4
Burnley to win 2/1
Manchester United to win 8/11
PSG to win Even Money

From a £1 Yankee Bet (11 bets of £1) placed at Wiliam Hill for example, the total return from that is £96.93 (£85.39 profit) if all four selections win. So that’s a big return on your money.

But let’s take out the longest odds-against price in the bet, Burnley at 2/1 and imagine that they lose, while the other three selections all won. While that is a big hit on your returns, you would still pick up a total of £8.61 profit from the other three winning, which is still a win.

There is a big difference into what will be returned from your odds selections (again just a Yankee calculator) because if all of the three football teams won except for Manchester United at 8/11 then you would pick up a total of £19.75 from your three selectors. So obviously this will all boil down to you hoping that the longer priced selections in your bet come up, that’s because if just three of the four sections win, they will play a part in a double and treble.

But there is a good strategy of picking odds-on priced selections only, the selections that are more likely to win because this potentially offers you more coverage than risking a leg at a bigger price. In another example, we can see the benefit of doing this:

Real Madrid to win 4/5
Burnley to win 8/11
Manchester United to win 1/2,
PSG to win 4/7

So now you have all odds-on priced selections, the bet is stacked with favourites. If all legs won at the price then you would collect £30.49 in profit plus your £11 stake back. That’s a very nice return from stacking up the favourites and less risky than a straight outright accumulator. Just, in contrast, four single bets of £1 each would only return £6.60 in total but of course, you would have less stake but would be struggling for profit if just one of the bets failed. In the above example of a Yankee, if Burnley failed to win at 8/11, you would still have covered your stake with a £1.13 profit. Not a great win, but not a loss at the end of the day because of the coverage available in a Yankee.

The simplest way to find out what your potential returns are is just to use a Yankee Bet Calculator. It is important to remember, as mentioned above that you are essentially placing eleven bets. So that means you need eleven times whatever your stake is going to be. So if you wanted to play a £1 Yankee then it means that your stake is going to be 11. A £1 stake doesn’t cover the entire Yankee bet, this is a stake per bet scenario.

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