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What is a lucky 15 bet? Meaning & calculator

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You have probably heard the betting term Lucky 15, even if you have never played one before or even have the remotest idea of what it is. By the name of it, it sounds as if you need to be lucky with 15 different selections, but it’s not quite that. In fact, if you were lucky enough to land 15 selections in a single bet then you would be getting a place in the betting hall of fame. So what does Lucky 15 mean in betting? Well, it is essentially 15 different bets, hence the name, but this comes from just four selections.

A Lucky 15 bet is a type of multiple bet. From just four selections, the bet will automatically build 15 bets from those selections. So let’s say you are looking forward to the next round of UEFA Champions League matches and you fancy Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea and Feyenoord all to win their matches. That is the four single selections that you have picked out along with all the combinations of doubles and trebles, plus a fourfold accumulator that can be built from those selections.

How does a lucky 15 bet work?

OK, so you head to your favourite bookmaker Bet356 and make your four selections by adding them to your betting slip and then you select a Lucky 15 option. What you are building for yourself, even though this is done automatically, is this:

Four Singles
6 Doubles
4 Trebles
1 Fourfold Accumulator

That is all the possible combinations of multiple bets that you can make from four selections (plus the singles). The important thing in this one is that the single bets are included in the wager. If they weren’t then you would be betting a Yankee instead (a wager of four selections with all the multiples and no singles). So the Lucky 15 is a full cover bet and obviously, you only need one of the singles to come up to gain some kind of return. Remember though that because you are placing 15 bets, you are making 15x your initial wager. So what this means is that if you are placing a £1 Lucky 15, your initial stake is going to £15 (1 for each of the 15 bets).

So you need to take that into consideration about your returns. Obviously, the more selections that you can land in your bet, the more your chances increase of covering your stage. Two winning selections of the four, for example, gives you two single wins and one double win and then the returns will start to stack up. Again, just check the risk of your stake against what you would get back if just the lowest price option of your four selections were to win. Would you be happy enough with that? The worst case scenario, of course, is not having any of the legs win, but if you are selecting favourites, the odds can really stack up.

Let’s say you had four selections of 4/5, 10/11, 2/5 and 4/7, all heavy odds-on odds and all of them won off a £1 Lucky 15 (a 15 stake). That would be a £34.27 profit. But it’s easier to get to that than sticking a huge wedge of money on one odds-on favourite to try and get that kind of return (just for example you would need a £28 stake at 4/5 to win around the same return – a higher risk).

Because landing all four selections isn’t the easiest thing in the world, bookmakers will generally offer you a little extra if you manage to land a Lucky 15. What you will find at a lot of bookmakers is that they will give you a 10% win bonus on top of a fully successful Lucky 15, enhancing the ‘Lucky’ portion of the name for this type of bet. So in summary, just remember that you are staking fifteen times with however much your initial stake is in this type of bet.

If you aren’t quite sure of what you get back the easiest thing is just to use a Lucky 15 calculator to fully assess the risk and reward of your wager.

28th February 2019 / lee - Category: Betting Advice

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What is a Yankee Bet in Football? Meaning & Calculator

Betting Advice

Multiple bets allow punters the chance to combine selections into one wager and being able to take some coverage on the selections as well. A Yankee is a form of a full cover bet and it offers the punter the chance to collect a bit of a return but as the option does not cover singles in the bet, then a Yankee needs a minimum of two selections to pick up a return.

What is a Yankee bet?

A Yankee bet is created from 4 different selections. From those four selections, there are a total of 11 separate bets that can be created, namely six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold accumulator. Again, a Yankee doesn’t include singles so you need to two selections minimum, which would of course cover one of the doubles, to win something.

A Yankee with the four singles included creates the highly popular Lucky 15 which most punters will have heard of, even if they have never played one. But of course, the other difference between the two is that it means that you have less stake output in a Yankee compared to a Lucky 15 because you are placing eleven wagers instead of, you guessed it, fifteen.

How does a Yankee bet work?

Every possible bet in the Yankee will be covered (aside from shingles) if all four selections in the bet win their legs (each double possibility, each treble and the straight acca). But the boon of this type of coverage comes by the possibility of some profit coming back (depending on odds of course) if not all legs win. So you could have a nice return from just three selections coming up, which is always nice as seeing an entire bet lose by just one leg is infinitely infuriating.

Yankee Bet in Football – Example

Real Madrid to win 5/4
Burnley to win 2/1
Manchester United to win 8/11
PSG to win Even Money

From a £1 Yankee Bet (11 bets of £1) placed at Wiliam Hill for example, the total return from that is £96.93 (£85.39 profit) if all four selections win. So that’s a big return on your money.

But let’s take out the longest odds-against price in the bet, Burnley at 2/1 and imagine that they lose, while the other three selections all won. While that is a big hit on your returns, you would still pick up a total of £8.61 profit from the other three winning, which is still a win.

There is a big difference into what will be returned from your odds selections (again just a Yankee calculator) because if all of the three football teams won except for Manchester United at 8/11 then you would pick up a total of £19.75 from your three selectors. So obviously this will all boil down to you hoping that the longer priced selections in your bet come up, that’s because if just three of the four sections win, they will play a part in a double and treble.

But there is a good strategy of picking odds-on priced selections only, the selections that are more likely to win because this potentially offers you more coverage than risking a leg at a bigger price. In another example, we can see the benefit of doing this:

Real Madrid to win 4/5
Burnley to win 8/11
Manchester United to win 1/2,
PSG to win 4/7

So now you have all odds-on priced selections, the bet is stacked with favourites. If all legs won at the price then you would collect £30.49 in profit plus your £11 stake back. That’s a very nice return from stacking up the favourites and less risky than a straight outright accumulator. Just, in contrast, four single bets of £1 each would only return £6.60 in total but of course, you would have less stake but would be struggling for profit if just one of the bets failed. In the above example of a Yankee, if Burnley failed to win at 8/11, you would still have covered your stake with a £1.13 profit. Not a great win, but not a loss at the end of the day because of the coverage available in a Yankee.

The simplest way to find out what your potential returns are is just to use a Yankee Bet Calculator. It is important to remember, as mentioned above that you are essentially placing eleven bets. So that means you need eleven times whatever your stake is going to be. So if you wanted to play a £1 Yankee then it means that your stake is going to be 11. A £1 stake doesn’t cover the entire Yankee bet, this is a stake per bet scenario.

28th February 2019 / marcus - Category: Betting Advice

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What is a patent bet? Meaning & calculator

Betting Advice

One of the best ways to try and earn yourself some bigger rewards from short odds-on priced selections is by building multiple and full cover bets. These allow you to reach just a little bigger and the Patent Bet is a perfect example of that. What is a Patent bet? Well it is where you can take three selections and from those selections, all possible multiple combinations will be built, so you are actually betting on seven separate bets from your three selections.

That is a far better option for punters than picking seven different selections and hoping that all come up. That’s a tough thing to do.

But going for just three winning selections, that’s not a bad punt at all. The dialled back version of a Patent bet is called a Trixie which is also built from three selections. So if you head over to bet365 and want to make one of these full cover bets, what’s the difference between the two? Well, it is one very important one. The Patent will contain the single selections in the water whereas there are no singles in the Trixie. So with your three selections for a Patent bet, the seven wagers are:

3x Singles
3x Doubles
1x Treble

How does a patent bet work?

Well in order to gain some kind of return from a Patent, you obviously need at least one win. That will guarantee that you get a single winner, unlike in the Trixie version where you would need a minimum of two selections to win to gain some kind of return. So if you had one single winner from the Patent bet, what kind of dent would that make in your initial stake? Here is the rub with the Patent bet as it is for all types of full coverage bet. From your three selections, you are creating seven bets which means that you will need a separate stake to go towards each of those seven bets.

So if you are wondering what does Patent mean in betting in terms of stake outlay, then you have 7x your stake. So basically if you wanted a £1 Patent then your actual stake will be £7. Here is where you can use a Patent calculator to try and figure out the overall risk and reward of your wager and what you are doing with it. Going back to the above example, if just one selection of your bet won, that is just one of the seven bets coming good. Look at the shortest-priced selection in your Patent. Will that be a good enough of a return for you when you stack it up against the stake? Because Patents are generally built with favourites you are generally building selections that are odds-on.

It would take a bold bet to claim three selections on the other side of even money because nailing three odds-against selections would, of course, reward massively, but the probability of it is lower. But the beauty of the Patent is that perhaps you can balance the best of two worlds, with two solid odds-on selections backed up by one slighter longer priced one to really bring in the value. This is all a matter of risk and reward as it is worth any kind of bet that you place so again, use a Patent calculator to figure things out.

But just as an example so that you can see the value of a Patent. Say you have three selection, one at 4/5, one at 4/7 and one at 11/10. A £1 stake as just singles on each of them would return profits of 0.80, 0.57 and 1.10 respectively. So from your initial outlay of £3, you would have accumulated £2.47 back as profit. But if you threw them all into a Patent, because of those multiples combinations, your profit from a £7 stake would be £14.32 which is considerably better and that is because the odds accumulate throughout the bet. So for just over double the steak you would have doubled your profit seven times.

So that is a Patent bet explained. From three selections, you get seven bets in total to expand your coverage and build more profit. Generally, these are solid wagers to play from football betting selections of strong teams at home which aren’t offering a lot of value on their own in a match outright. So for just a little extra stake, you can have a shot at a stronger profit. Just head to the betting slip of any books like Bet365 or William Hill after adding your selections and you will see the option to build the multiple. Just remember that you will be betting seven times whatever stake you happen to enter.

28th February 2019 / lee - Category: Betting Advice

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