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Super Bowl 2018 Prediction, Betting Tips & Odds

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Here it comes, one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the world. Actually only the UEFA Champions League Final continues to draw a larger audience than the Super Bowl does as a one-off annual event. So it’s all eyes on Minnesota on Sunday, with Minneapolis having been hit by some serious arctic weather recently. It could be a chilly day but the atmosphere will be warming up the occasion at the US Bank Stadium. Reigning champions New England are going as the 1/2 favourites with Bet365* (betting odds taken January 30th at 6:16 p.m.) to get their hands back on the title over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Twelve months ago we saw one of the greatest Super Bowls in history as the Pats fought back to down the Atlanta Falcons in dramatic fashion. This year there is actually a repeat of the 2005 Super Bowl between the Patriots an the Eagles and on that occasion, New England won 24-21. While the Patriots make a record-breaking 10th appearance in the Super Bowl, for the Eagles this will be their third showing in the highlight match of the season, having failed to win their last two visits there at Super Bowl XV and XXXIX. Can the underdogs have their day?

Reigning Champion

New England, somehow are the reigning champions. In last year’s Super Bowl they were really down and out on the ropes as they were torn apart early on by the Atlanta Falcons. At one point in the third quarter, the Falcons were on cruise control at 25 points ahead (28-3) but then Tom Brady found a whole new level. The Pats quarterback hauled his side back into the match and the Pats rattled off 19 unanswered points in the final quarter to take the game to overtime. The Patriots won the toss, received the ball in overtime and powered their way down the field to finish off with a 2-yard touchdown by James White.

It was a fightback of epic proportions and records went tumbling left, right and centre in the match. A total of 30 team and individual Super Bowl records were set twelve months ago. Pats quarterback Brady broke three records himself as he went on to collect his the Super Bowl MVP award for the fourth time in his career as well.

Super Bowl LII Odds*

New England Patriots 1/2, Philadelphia Eagles 17/10

Super Bowl Lii Points Spread Odds*

New England Patriots -4.5 20/21, Philadelphia Eagles +4.5 20/23

New England Patriots Preview

It has been hard for anyone to really challenge the power of the New England Patriots in recent times. They have built such a stunning dynasty between head coach Bill Belichick and superstar quarterback Tom Brady. As soon as they won last year they were installed as favourites to go and win this year’s Super Bowl as well and they ended up with a 13-3 record for the regular season, after losing two of their opening four. After a tie-breaking procedure, they were crowned AFC number one for the postseason. Their defence was really having some issues earlier in the campaign, leaving them at a2-2 after just the four matches. But they responded positively.

With some free-agents signings coming in, they steadily got their defensive act together the longer the season wore on. At the end of the regular season, the Pats were only ranked 29th in yard allowed defensively, but they were fifth when it came to points given up over the course of the season. They finished the season very strong defensively and their secondary was pretty immense as well. They came a long, long way in a short amount of time after looking early on in the season that their defence could trouble them.

The Patriots got a first-round bye in the postseason because of their number one status and then they faced the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round, getting past them easily enough, with a 35-14 success. They did have a tough battle against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game as they had to mount a big fight back. The Patriots were 20-10 in the fourth quarter but once again, the team rested on the considerable shoulders of Brady, who delivered a stunning comeback through two late touchdown passes to Danny Amendola.

Philadelphia Eagles

During the regular season Philadelphia matched New England’s 13-3 record (along with two other teams, Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers), but through tie-breaking procedures, the Eagles got the NFC Number One status for the postseason. Considering that the Eagles had finished 7-9 in each of the previous two seasons, they have taken a real leap forward this term, notably through their key offensive link of quarterback Carson Wentz and tight end Zach Ertz. The Eagles smartly brought in free agency signings of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith to give Wentz extra targets to hit.

They were very good defensively and while the New England defence gave up a lot of yards, the Eagles were ranked 4th overall for fewest yards allowed. They were positive in the secondary as well, carrying a lot of depth and key pro-bowl players in their ranks as well. In taking on the New England Patriots, they are going to have to be on point defensively from the very opening of the match and will have to hold their nerve when the Pats come at them, as you know they will.

The Eagles raced out to a 10-2 record in the regular season before suffering a huge setback when quarterback Wentz suffered a season-ending injury which meant that the experienced Nick Foles had to take up the reins for the rest of the season. The Eagles didn’t miss a beat as Foles guided them to back to back wins in the post season to carry them to the Super Bowl. It’s unlikely that even Wentz would have done better and that’s what experience brings you. Foles didn’t throw an intercepted pass throughout the entire play offs.

In their first postseason challenge, the Eagles took on the Atlanta Falcons and it was a tight battle. The defence of the Eagles was key because they really did a tremendous job in shutting down the powerful Falcons and the Eagles handled themselves so well under pressure. The Eagles squeezed through 15-10 to go and face the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game. The Vikings were within touching distance of being the first side to play a Super Bowl at home, but they were really never in the match as the Eagles shut them down 38-7.

Philadelphia will be lining up with two players who were on the Patriot’s winning roster from last season, Chris Long and LeGarrette Blount, the latter having had a huge impact for Philadelphia this season.

Super Bowl XXXIX Rematch

The Eagles and Patriots squared off in the 2005 Super Bowl and it was a tight duel down the line. They were level at 14-14 going into the fourth quarter and only a 10-7 advantage for the Pats in the fourth got them across the line in the match, which was hosted in Jacksonville. From that match up, it is only Tom Brady who remains on either team. Patriots coach Bill Belichick was the head coach back then.

Super Bowl LII Prediction

It is bundle-up tight and warm weather in Minnesota for Sunday’s game. There have been some big underdog moments in the play offs this season, as underdogs have gone 9-1 against the spread, with only New England the only favourite to cover in beating the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round.

Further credit to the Eagles is that they went into both games against Atlanta and Minnesota as underdogs in the postseason but managed to pull themselves through and their defence, as well as trying to keep the ball in a running game for as long as possible to eliminate risks of giving it away to Brady, will keep them in this one.

The Eagles at 4.5 points on the spread for 20/20 at Bet365* (betting odds taken January 30th at 6:16 p.m.) has some appeal. In New England’s last four Super Bowl victories, they have won by three points twice, four points once and then last year’s six points margin. The Eagles have a very good defence and will be in this all the way most likely and although it may not be enough to stop the Pats from winning, the Eagles will compete and keep it tight.

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What is a patent bet? Meaning & calculator

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One of the best ways to try and earn yourself some bigger rewards from short odds-on priced selections is by building multiple and full cover bets. These allow you to reach just a little bigger and the Patent Bet is a perfect example of that. What is a Patent bet? Well it is where you can take three selections and from those selections, all possible multiple combinations will be built, so you are actually betting on seven separate bets from your three selections.

That is a far better option for punters than picking seven different selections and hoping that all come up. That’s a tough thing to do.

But going for just three winning selections, that’s not a bad punt at all. The dialled back version of a Patent bet is called a Trixie which is also built from three selections. So if you head over to bet365 and want to make one of these full cover bets, what’s the difference between the two? Well, it is one very important one. The Patent will contain the single selections in the water whereas there are no singles in the Trixie. So with your three selections for a Patent bet, the seven wagers are:

3x Singles
3x Doubles
1x Treble

How does a patent bet work?

Well in order to gain some kind of return from a Patent, you obviously need at least one win. That will guarantee that you get a single winner, unlike in the Trixie version where you would need a minimum of two selections to win to gain some kind of return. So if you had one single winner from the Patent bet, what kind of dent would that make in your initial stake? Here is the rub with the Patent bet as it is for all types of full coverage bet. From your three selections, you are creating seven bets which means that you will need a separate stake to go towards each of those seven bets.

So if you are wondering what does Patent mean in betting in terms of stake outlay, then you have 7x your stake. So basically if you wanted a £1 Patent then your actual stake will be £7. Here is where you can use a Patent calculator to try and figure out the overall risk and reward of your wager and what you are doing with it. Going back to the above example, if just one selection of your bet won, that is just one of the seven bets coming good. Look at the shortest-priced selection in your Patent. Will that be a good enough of a return for you when you stack it up against the stake? Because Patents are generally built with favourites you are generally building selections that are odds-on.

It would take a bold bet to claim three selections on the other side of even money because nailing three odds-against selections would, of course, reward massively, but the probability of it is lower. But the beauty of the Patent is that perhaps you can balance the best of two worlds, with two solid odds-on selections backed up by one slighter longer priced one to really bring in the value. This is all a matter of risk and reward as it is worth any kind of bet that you place so again, use a Patent calculator to figure things out.

But just as an example so that you can see the value of a Patent. Say you have three selection, one at 4/5, one at 4/7 and one at 11/10. A £1 stake as just singles on each of them would return profits of 0.80, 0.57 and 1.10 respectively. So from your initial outlay of £3, you would have accumulated £2.47 back as profit. But if you threw them all into a Patent, because of those multiples combinations, your profit from a £7 stake would be £14.32 which is considerably better and that is because the odds accumulate throughout the bet. So for just over double the steak you would have doubled your profit seven times.

So that is a Patent bet explained. From three selections, you get seven bets in total to expand your coverage and build more profit. Generally, these are solid wagers to play from football betting selections of strong teams at home which aren’t offering a lot of value on their own in a match outright. So for just a little extra stake, you can have a shot at a stronger profit. Just head to the betting slip of any books like Bet365 or William Hill after adding your selections and you will see the option to build the multiple. Just remember that you will be betting seven times whatever stake you happen to enter.

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What is a Trixie Bet in Football? Meaning & Calculator

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When you hear punters talking about a Trixie, you aren’t talking about the lady down the street in the betting shop, this is a multiple bet that is hugely popular with punters, especially those who like to have a flutter on horse racing. But it is something that also offers a lot of appeal as well when it comes to football betting because it is a good way to try and bolster your returns from short-priced selections.

Whichever bookmaker that you use, be it bet365 or William Hill you will find it pretty easy to build yourself a Trixie bet. All that you need to do is find yourself three selections that you fancy backing and that’s it.

How does a Trixie bet work?

So down to the bare essentials of the Trixie bet. This is a type of full cover bet but the important thing about this is that the wager does NOT include any singles in it. To build yourself a Trixie bet you make three selections and you are looking for teams who can back each other up by taking victories.

Let’s say you select, Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool all to win their next Premier League games. For the Trixie, you have 3x Doubles and one Treble which makes up the Trixie bet. So you are getting:

Chelsea & Man City to win (double)
Chelsea & Liverpool to win (double)
Man City & Liverpool to win (double)
Chelsea, Man City & Liverpool to win (treble)

So you can only get some kind of return from the Trixie bet if at least two of the selections win their respective games. So if only Chelsea were to win out of the three selections, you get nothing because the Trixie bet, as mentioned above, consists of no single wagers.

If Chelsea and Liverpool, two of the three, were to win than that, of course, would mean that you win on one of the Doubles in the bet. You would need all three selections to win their games to get the full return of three winning doubles and a winning treble! So if you are wondering what does Trixie mean in betting, it is just the name of a bet which gives you four separate bets from three selections.

If you wanted to push on for a full coverage bet from the three selections then you would be doing what is called a Patent, which is essentially a Trixie bet with the three single selections thrown in as well.

With different permutations coming out of a Trixie the quickest way to figure things out is just to use a bet calculator. The best way to look at this and assess the value is by looking how much you would get back for yourself if just two of the three selections were to win in the bet. Would it be enough to cover your initial stake? The answer to that would, of course, all lie in the odds that you have selected for your three Trixie selections.

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International Champions Cup 2017 – Fixtures & Betting Odds

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As much as the organisers would like to brand this as being a major tournament, it’s not. The International Champions Cup is a strange beast because it’s not really a tournament at all. It is just a series of club friendly matches that count for nothing at the end of the day. It has appeal though because it pulls in a lot of the European big clubs and the event is hosted over three different locations. This year the USA, China and Singapore are hosting the action, which has fifteen clubs taking part, including the big guns from the English Premier League. The teams taking part don’t even play the same amount of matches, so in terms of it being a tournament, you aren’t looking at outrights here, only interesting friendly matches.

Turning up and taking part from the English Premier League is Manchester City, Manchester United, Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea. Of those, the bulk of them are appearing the America series as that is where Spurs and the two Manchester clubs are playing. Arsenal will put in an appearance in China while Premier League champions will be flying the flag for England out in Singapore. Even though this is all just meaningless friendly action, the games are going to be a little more important to the English clubs taking part, because their domestic season kicks off earlier than their European counterparts.

The first round of fixtures are played on July 18th and the final games are played on July 30th.

So if you want to look at a little bit of history, you will see how this really hasn’t settled into anything too exciting. The inaugural edition was in 2013 and it featured two simple groups of four. But the end format wasn’t that simple, and the summer tournament quickly went on to change to include more teams and more locations. That inaugural format last just the one year before things were changed and then the winner of the group from each location was determined after each team has played three matches. Those two group winners met in the final to decide the title. The 2015 edition of the International Champions Cup was then played over three different locations and whoever topped the group in each of the locations was declared a champion. That runs true for this summer, but just like last summer, some teams play fewer games than others so it’s all a bit of mess.

Roma, Paris St Germain, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, Barcelona, Tottenham, Real Madrid

Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Milan, Lyon, Arsenal

Bayern Munich, Inter Milan Chelsea

International Champions Cup Promotion

Take advantage of some fantastic football betting products available at online betting site Bet365. For starters, there is their great 0-0 bore draw insurance available on all matches which offers great protection on your pre-match correct score, scorecast or half-time/full-time wagers. There are great each-way first goalscorer odds to be taken as well and you can enjoy extensive live in-play football betting as well as live streams from some of Europe’s top leagues. With cash out and partial cash out options available as well, sign up for an account with Bet365 and enjoy a 100% matched deposit bonus from them to get in on the action!

International Champions Cup Preview

The USA action kicks off with Roma v PSG on July 19th but then on the 20th you are looking at a big English showdown of Manchester United v Manchester City. This will be a good chance for the two clubs to show off their new summer signings and this will be one of the feature matches of the tournament. Lats summer in China we were supposed to be enjoying a pre-season Manchester derby but it was rained off and everyone got annoyed for having travelled so far for no game. 

Manchester United will go on to face big challenges in Real Madrid and Barcelona, while the Citizens go on to play Manchester City and Tottenham. Other notable big clashes are Juventus v Barcelona on July 22nd while we even get to have a look at a pre-season El Clasico between Real Madrid v Barcelona which goes down on July 29th. That is one betting highlight at Sky Bet for the tournament which will go down. Spurs will open against PSG before facing up to Roma and then that English showdown against Man City.

Over in China, Arsenal will be playing, but as is the nature of this tournament, the Gunners only get the one game which is against Bayern Munich on July 19th. So that is all the participation that the Gunners are going to have and that’s along way to go for that one game. Bayern Munich will also face AC Milan out in China and then they will over to Singapore. So that is the truncated action in China with just the four matches being played.

Then in Singapore you have Chelsea taking on Bayern Munich in their opener which is going to be a high profile showdown. The Premier League champions then go on to meet up with Inter Milan. The one other game in Singapore is Bayern Munich v Inter Milan, so as you can see most of the action will be going down in the USA.

USA Fixtures
July 19th – Roma v PSG
July 20th – Man Utd v Man City
July 22nd – Juventus v Barcelona
July 22nd – PSG v Spurs
July 23rd – Real Madrid v Man Utd
July 25th – Spurs v Roma
July 26th – Barcelona v Man Utd
July 26th – Man City v Real Madrid
July 29th – Man City v Spurs
July 29th – real Madrid v Barcelona
July 30th – Roma v Juventus

China Fixtures
July 18th – Milan v Borussia Dortmund
July 19th – Bayern Munich v arsenal
July 22nd – Bayern Munich v Milan
July 24th – Inter Milan v Lyon

July 25th – Chelsea v Bayern Munich
July 27th – Bayern Munich v Inter Milan
July 29th – Chelsea v Inter Milan

International Champions Cup Prediction

If ever in-play betting was invented for something then it is friendly matches. Managers of these clubs will obviously be getting a look at some of their new signings and how they all fit into their plans but at the same time, those managers will want to protect their key assets. With nothing competitive being at stake then betting obviously becomes a little hard with the team selections and nothing riding on matches. So that is where live in-play betting at Sky Bet can really be a huge advantage. You get a feel for things having seen the starting line ups and you actually get an idea of who is actually taking the game a little more seriously than others. There aren’t going to be highly-stressful, combative games here between all of these European giants. That will come when the domestic season kicks off, so just enjoy a bit of live in play betting for the International Champions Cup 2017.

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Women’s Euro 2017 – Predictions & Betting Odds

International Football Betting

What a great summer of international football we have been treated to. The England U20’s won the World Cup, and the U19’s and U21’s had a great time at their respective Euros. We have some great games at the Confederations Cup and the CONCACAF Gold Cup so far. The summer rolls one with another top international football tournament coming our way, that being the Women’s Euro 2017. This has been highly anticipated and it’s a big year for the women’s game. The latest edition of the European Championship is being hosted in the Netherlands and it starts on July 16th and runs through to the final on August 6th.

We get to enjoy this tournament only the once every four years and such is the growth of the women’s game, this year’s edition has been expanded from the previous twelve teams at the finals, up to 16. Germany are the powerhouse of the Women’s Euro Championships having won it on each of the last six occasions. They have won it eight times in total, but since it was branded as the UEFA European Womens’ Championship back in 1991, they have won seven of the eight editions of it, with only Norway getting the title in 1993.

Four years ago, England limped out badly of the tournament as they finished bottom of their group. But they have grown a tremendous deal since then and they will be going to the Netherlands as one of the front runners to land the title. There will be a high expectancy on the Lionesses to produce something. The tournament is straight forward, with four groups of four and the top two teams from each of those four groups go through to the knockout phase.

Women’s Euro 217 Betting Odds

Germany Women 5/2, France Women 7/2, England Women 7/1, Sweden Women 10/1, Netherlands Women 10/1, Norway Women 14/1, Spain Women 14/1, bar 25/1

Women’s Euro Betting 2017 Promotion

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Women’s Euro Betting 2017

This should be a really good tournament, because there are some good match ups to come in the group stage alone with England v Scotland and Germany v Sweden all waiting to thrill us. So there could be some really competitive action going down in the group and really, aside from the two big guns of France and Germany, no one’s going to have an easy time of things in that first phase. That’s a good thing for naturals to go out and enjoy the event. For the draw, Netherlands were in Pot 1 as hosts and they were joined there by the top three teams in Europe, Germany, France and England. They were split up over the four groups and the draw ended up like this:

Women’s Top 8 UEFA Rankings

Germany, France, England, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Italy

Group A
Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium
The Netherlands are running as favourites for the group win here, but they are going to come under some severe pressure from Norway in particular. There is big value at 7/4 with bet365 on Norway winning this group after they finished runners up four years ago. They are tight and solid and with Denmark and Belgium matching up pretty closely in the world rankings to the Netherlands (9th) then the scrap for the second qualification spot could be a tight battle.

Group B
Germany, Sweden, Italy, Russia
Germany should sweep their way to top spot in this one without breaking too much of a sweat. They could get a run for their money against the Swedes, who will be out for some revenge over the Germans, but Germany are so strong in the game at the moment, as always really. Sweden are reliable enough to make a fist of qualification for the knockout stage of the tournament but they probably won’t overhaul the Germans to top spot. Germany are 2/9 odds-on to win the group.

Group C
France, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland
France should have an even easier time of things in their group than Germany have in theirs. Of the big guns in the tournament, they have received the easiest group as there is going to be little to challenge their quality in it. France could well go on and win the tournament outright, so it’s tough to see any of these in the group raising a challenge against them. It’s possible that the French will win all of their games in the group and they are 1/9 to win the group.

Group D
England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal
The appeal in this group will be the England v Scotland clash that will be the first game of the group. So that’s something to look forward too. England are 8/15 odds on favourites at bet365 to win Group D and move on through to the quarter finals of the tournament. But because they will go against the spirited Scots and the Spaniards can be a tricky side as well to face, this isn’t the easiest of groups for the Lionesses. But the incentive is that there is an easy run in the knockout stages to come if they can top the group. So they will have to put some good groundwork in, but it would be a total shocker if they didn’t qualify.


How can you not stand back and admire what Germany have done in the women’s game? Eight times champion of Europe and they are obviously going to take plenty of heavy backing to win the thing outright again. If they do it will be on the seventh time on the bounce. Just to rub a bit of salt into the wounds of their challengers, Germany also won the Olympic Gold last summer as well. The are quality and class and they scored 35 unanswered goals in qualification, which included two wins over Russia who they meet in Group B here. Perhaps the only glimmer of hope that the other contenders have is that Germany lost the SheBelieves Cup final this year to France. They can boast the classy and prolific striker Anja Mittag along with the likes of talented youngster Sara Daebritz and new captain Dzsenifer Marozsan, they have all boxes checked.


Winners of the SheBelieves Cup this year, France are in a strong position to go on and make something special happen in the tournament. They haven’t produced a great history at the Euros before though, but they have talent bursting at the seams in their squad. The biggest star of all is Eugenie Le Sommer, arguably one of the game’s greatest and she has the goals to fire her country forward. There probably isn’t a better defence which is turning up at the Euros than the one France have, which is led by Wendie Renard. They got through the SheBelieves Cup with conceding just the one goal along the way. France arguably have more talent in their squad than Germany, who are more of the traditional power and pace type of side.


After their dismal performance at Euro 2013 when they collected one point only in the group stage and finished bottom, two years later at the 2015 Women’s World Cup, the Lionesses took the world by storm, finishing third there. They have massive teams spirit and expectations will be higher after that World Cup run. They will have question marks over their defence and scoring when matched up against the likes of France and Germany, but they have finished runners up twice at the European Championship, back in 1984 and recently in 2009. The Lionesses lost to France and Germany by one goal margins at the SheBelieves Cup but took a win over the USA there. Do they have the kind of quality that France and Germany have in depth? No, but they have tremendous spirit and unity. England will have a battle against auld enemy Scotland in the group, with Spain a tricky opponent as well.


For a long, long time Sweden have been at the forefront of the women’s game and they are reliable enough to make it to the quarter finals. The Swedes lost out to Germany in the Olympic Final last year so they will get another mouthwatering shot against the Germans in the group stage, so watch out for that one on July 17th. There is also a bit of revenge on the table for Sweden for their semi final loss against Germany at Euro 2013 as well, with Sweden going on to finish third. Surprisingly they didn’t go well at the Algarve Cup but smashed group opponents Russia along the way so they are likely to get the better of them again when they meet up. They will benefit from the quality coach that is Pia Sundhage and they will look for top scorer Lotta Schelin to carry them. They are carrying one of the older squads into the competition through.


France or Germany? Germany or France? That’s pretty much the betting toss of the coin you have ahead of the Euros. France showed earlier this year at the SheBelieves Cup that they can challenge, but how do you ignore the astonishing track record that Germany have produced in this tournament? That should be enough to back the Germans to land another title here.

Actually, the draw is important in this one, because France and Germany could meet in the semi finals if they both win their groups. What that does then leaves the other half of the draw wide open for the winners of Group A and Group D to make a run. Group A look the weakest and Group D is England’s group. So there is a huge incentive for the Lioness to go and win their group and potentially face an easy quarter final opponent before perhaps Norway or Netherlands in the semifinal. So the Lionesses could have a very nice draw ahead of them if they win their group and may be worth a little flutter with bet365.

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Under 21 EURO Betting 2017 Football Winner Odds & Predictions

Betting News

England’s U21 side will be heading into Under 21 European Championship action at the end of the week and they will be looking to emulate the U20’s recent success at the World Cup. That was a massive boost for the future of England’s youth and it will be interesting to see how the U21 fare in the Euro’s because they haven’t had a great time of things there in recent editions of the tournament. The Under 21 Euro’s 2017 starts on June 16th and runs through to June 30th with twelve nations competing out in Poland for the title.

The 2017 edition is the 24th of the U21 Euros and heading back to the tournament as reigning champions are Sweden who beat Portugal on penalties in the 2015 final. The Under 21 Euro’s do also serve a bigger purpose than just the title because it serves as a qualification tournament of the Summer Olympics too, so there is a lot to play for in this one. Of the twelve nations entering this year’s edition, seven of them have won the title before, so you can expect a great, battling and competitive tournament right down to the wire.

The group stage has three groups of four teams in it, and for your betting, it’s worth noting how this works. Only the top side from each of the three groups automatically get through to the semi-finals, and there they will be joined by the top ranked of the second-placed finishers. So there’s no margin for error really in the group stage and a rough start can pretty much put you out of the picture straight away. This isn’t an occasion for having a bad day at the office at all.

England are in action on opening night on Friday, June 16th when they will face up against holders Sweden in the opening game. That will probably be a Group A decider as well. Following that, England goes on to meet Slovakia and then hosts Poland. England’s Young Lions are a quote of 10/1 at Bet365 to get the title in their hands for the first time since 1984. It would be a fantastic summer for England’s future if the U21 side can follow in the footsteps of the U20 side.

Under 21 EURO Betting 2017 Odds

Spain 3/1, Germany 10/3, Portugal 6/1, Italy 11/2, England 10/1, Poland 16/1, Sweden 16/1, Denmark 20/1, Serbia 25/1, Czech Republic 25/1, Slovakia 25/1, Macedonia 50/1

Under 21 EURO Betting 2017 Promotion

Take advantage of Bet365’s great 0-0 bore draw insurance which is available on all Under 21 European Championship matches, as it offers great protection on your pre-match correct score, scorecast or half-time/full-time wagers. There are great each-way first goalscorer odds to be taken as well and you can enjoy extensive live in-play football betting as well as live streams from some of Europe’s top leagues. With cash out and partial cash out options available as well, sign up for an account with Bet365 and enjoy a 100% matched deposit bonus from them to get in on the action!

Under 21 EURO Betting Preview

Group A: Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, England
Group B: Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Macedonia
Group C: Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy

Under 21 Euro Seedings (based in order of coefficient ranking)

Hosts/Pot 1: Poland, Germany, Portugal
Pot 2: England, Spain, Denmark
Pot 3: Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Macedonia

Spain and Germany are leading the way in Under 21 EURO Betting, even though Spain wasn’t at the 2015 edition and Germany only managed to finish in fourth place there. These two nations continuously churn out some great youth, many of which have already touched base with their respective senior squads. Spain can boast quality in the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid midfielders Denis Suarez and Marco Asensio, while Inter Milan’s Gerard Deulofeu is in the squad as their most experienced (and most prolific) player, while Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin is in the squad as well.

Germany have the likes of Yannick Gerhardt, Jonathan Tah, Max Meyer, Serge Gnabry and captain Maximilian Arnold who have all been capped at senior level. So wherever you look for this tournament, there is some high-quality youngsters knocking around. England, who are coached by Aidy Boothroyd have the likes of Jordan Pickford, Calum Chambers, James Ward-Prowse, Nathan Redmond, Jack Grealish and Demarai Gray in the squad,

36 of the 276 players (13%) who are in the Under 21 Euros squad are playing with English sides, so English leagues are the highest represented at the tournament and you can expect to see a lot of familiar names on show. England’s 2015 campaign was a highly forgettable one, going out in the first stage after finishing bottom of a tough group which consisted of Portugal, Sweden and Italy. That as the third consecutive time England U21 had failed at the group stage of the Under 21 Euros. The only positive from that to be taken is that their lone win in the group did come against Sweden with Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard netting a winner five minutes from time in their second group match.

There is a sparkling array of young Spanish talent around here, but they aren’t going to have things all their own way in the group. That is because they will be duelling with Portugal and the tournament could lose one of those before the knockout stages. The Spaniards too did have to come through a play-off to get to the tournament after all. Gerard Deulofeu could have a huge impact for them, as the Milan forward has netted 16 goals in 32 appearances at this level which is impressive and you can see why he is the outright favourite in the bet365 top goalscorer market for the tournament.

Germany are so impressive at churning out quality youth. Just to highlight that, most of the young squad who won this in 2009 featured at the 2014 World Cup for them. Says it all really, but this isn’t a great time for the U21 European Championships to be happening for them because their senior side will be taking on the challenge of the Confederations Cup in Russia at the same time. That means some key U21 players are with them in Joachim Low’s experimental squad in Russia. Their ace up their sleeve is Davie Selke who had a seven-goal haul in qualification and is 8/1 outright favourite in the top goalscorer market at Bet365 for the tournament.

If you look at the top goalscorer market for the tournament, it looks as if England could pack a punch with Nathan Redmond and Tammy Abraham are both 10/1 joint second-favourites while Leicester’s Demarai Gray is at 16/1. But after long domestic seasons, in the bigger picture, England may be worth avoiding here because they may lack something up top. Chelsea youngster Tammy Abraham, for example, is going to be the main man, but most of his goals at Bristol City were netted before Christmas. The players with Premier League experience in the squad, could, like the senior squad showed on the weekend, be a bit tired and leggy.

Italy probably have the strongest looking squad going to the Championships and they were unbeaten in their qualification campaign. Young AC Milan keeper sensation Gianluigi Donnarumma is with them, while there is Serie A experience as well from the likes of Federico Bernardeschi and Roberto Gagliardini, while Juventus defender Daniele Rugani is in there. Throw in the likes of Simone Scuffet, Andrea Conti and Lorenzo Pellegrini, who were all on full duty with Italy in their World Cup 2018 qualifiers on the weekend, the Azzurri have strength. How can you count out the most successful nation in the history of the U21 Euros?

Portugal, like Italy, were unbeaten in qualifying for the Final and went W8 D2 in their ten games from a great run. So they will head to the Finals with some great momentum behind them and they will need it for their big clash that is to come with Spain. After winning Euro 2016 with the senior side, their star man is Bayern Munich’s Renato Sanches, with the 19-year-old never actually having played at this level before. It will probably boil down to them or Spain getting through their group as the winner. Portugal are 7/4 to win Group B, with Spain at 5/6.

Sweden are a little bit of value at the long price that they are. They are certainly a tempting price of 11/4 at Bet365 to win Group A ahead of England. Even though most of the youngsters who won this two years ago have gone to senior level, their new look squad still finished above Spain in qualification for the Under 21 Euros 2017 and that makes them a threat. Perhaps the overall quality isn’t there for them to get beyond the semi’s but they can get there at least. So even though the Swedes are hovering around same price as hosts Poland and the Czech Republic in the tournament outright, they could steal Group A at least.

Sweden to win Group A at bet365 is big value because, despite changes, they were impressive in qualifying and England may lack the scoring power in this tournament to beat them to top spot in the group. Portugal are worth a punt to top Group B as there’s nothing to split them and Spain and the Portuguese are just that little more resilient. Italy can top Germany in Group C because of Die Mannschaft interest in the Confederations Cup and for our money, Italy to win outright at a price of 6/1 with Bet365 looks great value.

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Lyon v PSG Women’s Champions League Final Betting 2017 – June 1st, 2017

UEFA Champions League Betting

As part of the big build-up week to the showdown of Juventus v Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Final on Saturday, the action in Cardiff starts in midweek with Lyon v PSG in the Women’s UEFA Champions League Final. This is the first time that two French sides have contested the Final and it is the mighty Lyon who are back as defending champions, while PSG will be looking to make up for a loss in the 2014/15 Final.

Women’s Champions League Final betting odds

Lyon Women 2/5, Draw 3/1, Paris St Germain Women 11/2

Women’s Champions League Final betting promotion

One of the top football betting products around is Bet365’s 0-0 Bore Draw Insurance which they offer on all matches listed in their sportsbook. Place a pre-match correct score, scorecast or half-time/full-time wager on a match and if the game ends goalless then the bookmaker will refund lost stakes on the selected markets with a free bet. This applies to all matches in their sportsbook. Register an account with the award winning Bet365 and earn a 100% matched deposit bonus from them and enjoy other top features like each-way goalscorer odds, live streams and cash out options.

Women’s Champions League Final Betting Preview

What a big evening for French women’s football it is going to be on Thursday night in Cardiff when Lyon and PSG battle it out for the Champions League trophy. Lyon are the current holders and they battled their way past Manchester City in the semi finals to set themselves up for a title defence. They are vastly experienced at this as this is their sixth final and they have won it three times before in their history. They have been one of the big frontrunners in European women’s football for some time and this is the third season on the bounce that they have met PSG in the Champions League. The two French clubs were paired up in a high profile semi final last season and Lyon dominated the whole affair, winning 7-0 at home and 1-0 away. But the season before it was PSG who knocked out Lyon in the round of 16. Lyon have already won the domestic double this season, trading home wins with PSG on their way to winning their 11th straight French title, with PSG ending up in third. The two clubs then they met up again in the French Cup Final, with Lyon winning out in a penalty shoot out.

Lyon packs some star power with the likes of Eugénie Le Sommer, Ada Hegerberg and Alex Morgan. Both teams to score at Bet365 in the Women’s Champions League Final is a price of 10/11 at Bet365 and with the amount of firepower that is around, you can have a punt over 2.5 goals at a price of 10/11 with them. In reaching this season’s final, Lyon have now matched Frankfurt’s record of reaching six finals and they will match their record of four wins in the tournament if they triumph. Either Lyon or Paris have been in all but one final since the rebrand to the UEFA Women’s Champions League in 2009/10. PSG’s previous appearance in the final came back in 2015 when they lost to Frankfurt. So can they go one better this time around? They moved past Barcelona 5-1 on aggregate in the semifinals, and have won three of their last four games in the competition. PSG have averaged 2.25 goals per game in their last four games in the competition. In the bet365 correct score market at Lyon 2-1 win may have some appeal around the 13/2 mark.

Women’s Champions League Final Betting Prediction

Lyon to win: This could be a tense, close final, but there is probably an edge with Lyon in this one. While both of these can pack a punch going forward, Lyon have the greater experience at this Final stage and they just have that extra touch of individual star quality.

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Non-Runner No Bet & Best Odds Guaranteed at Bet365 for 2017 Grand National


April 8th, 2017 is the next huge racing day to look forward to. That is when the thunderous action of the Grand National gets underway once again at Aintree. This is probably the most famous race in the world because it is the ultimate test of stamina and grit. There is a massive field itching to get off at the starting line to take the jumps which takes them over 4 miles. Second season chaser Rule The World took the win at Aintree last year.

Vieux Lion Rouge is trading as 10/1 ante post outright favourite at Bet365 and of course, another great appeal about Grand National betting is that there are big prices right throughout the field. That is just because this is a real crap shoot of a race. It is so easy for a horse to quickly fall out of contention because of the distance and challenges and runners are pushed to their limits.

Online betting site Bet365 have Best Odds Guaranteed for your Grand National 2017 betting, which means that when you place your bet and take the price on your selection, if the SP ends up being bigger than the price you took, then you will get paid out at the bigger odds! This great coverage includes Board Prices, bet365 Early Prices, singles and multiples as well as Showcast bets on all racing where a fixed price is offered.

So for example if you backed Vieux Lion Rouge 10/1 at a Early Price and your selection wins at 12/1 then you will be paid out at the 12/1 odds!

Grand National 2017 Betting Odds at Bet365

Vieux Lion Rouge 10/1, Deifnitly Red 14/1, Balklion 14/1, Cause of Causes 14/1, One For Arthur 14/1, The Last Samuri 14/1, More of That 18/1, Pleasant Company 18/1, Saphir Du Rheu 18/1, Ucello Conti 18/1, The Young Master 20/1, Foxrock 20/1, Vicente 25/1, Thunder And Roses 25/1, Rogue Angel 33/1, Carlingford Lough 33/1, Highland Lodge 33/1, Tenor Nivernais 33/1, bar 40/1

Bet365 are also covering the race with their Non-Runner No Bet coverage which gives you the peace of mind that if your selection doesn’t make it to the start, you will get your money back.

So enjoy great Grand national 2017 betting coverage at online betting site Bet365, who also run other great racing products like their Racing Value, Price Promise and they also offer the chance to watch live horse racing as well through their site. Go and register an account with the online betting site and take a 100% matched deposit bonus to get started with!

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Watch Atletico Madrid v Barcelona Live Stream at Bet365!


One of the top pieces of football action this weekend comes from La Liga where Atletico Madrid take on Barcelona in what will be the last ever La Liga clash between the two parties at the Vicente Calderon. That is because Atleti will be moving to a new home soon and therefore this is going to be a special and emotional afternoon for the home side as they welcome the Catalans to town. The two played out a 1-1 draw earlier in the season, so who will be collecting the points this time around in what is a top four clash?

Atletico Madrid v Barcelona La Liga Betting Odds

Barcelona 7/5, Atlético Madrid 9/5, Draw 12/5

Atletico Madrid are just running in some fine form at the moment with a three match winning streak going in the Spanish top flight and they have gone unbeaten in their last eight. They have won each of their last four at the Calderon as well and the only side to have beaten there this season in the top flight has been rivals Real Madrid. So they are clicking in some nice form and making a charge towards the top three where they have found extra opposition alongside Real and Barcelona in the form of Sevilla this term. But the head to head that Atletico have against Barcelona is far from great.

Barcelona are unbeaten in their last 13 league games against Atletico Madrid, winning ten of those and with them sitting just one point behind leaders Real Madrid in the table, the incentive is certainly there for the Catalans to push on. As long as they can keep Atletico’s star forward Antoine Griezmann, who has three goals in his last two at the Calderon against Barcelona, quiet, the will fancy their chances of taking the points in this one.

Barcelona’s own power attack will put the home side under massive pressure. Lionel Messi has 11 goals against Atletico at the Vicente and only against Sevilla has he scored more goals in his career against than he has done against Atletico. Then there is Luis Suarez who has five goals in his last six games against Atletico Madrid in all competitions. Will they be able to extend their six match unbeaten streak at the Calderon (W5 D1)?

Take in the action through a great Bet365 Live Stream of Atletico Madrid v Barcelona from La Liga! This is part of Bet365’s fantastic ongoing coverage of the Spanish top flight through their live streaming service and it means that you can watch and enjoy extensive live betting right on the site there all in one place! With added bonuses like cash-out options on live markets too, this is the way to experience the best of Spanish football.

Bet365 will also run their 0-0 bore draw insurance, which refunds lost stakes on the correct score, scorecast or half time/full time markets if the game fails to produce a goal, and their 100% Euro Soccer Bonus! Produce yourself a winning acca of three or more selections on selected competitions & markets including and earn up to a 100% win bonus! This offer applies to returns on pre-match accumulators of 3 or more selections on Full Time Result or Result/Both Teams To Score markets for the Premier League, Serie A, Primera Liga, Bundesliga 1 or Champions League.

So there’s that great bonus coverage as well and on top of that you can look at other top features like each-way First Goalscorer odds as well. As a Bet365 account holder you can enjoy all of these features and when you open an account with them you can claim a 100% matched deposit bonus as a welcome from them. Then just fund your account or place a bet on Atletico Madrid v Barcelona and you get to enjoy the live stream and over 70 live in-play betting markets too. The live stream is subject to blocks in certain countries, including Spain and the USA. Check out Bet365 for full list of blocked countries, but this will be available in the UK!

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Bet365 Man Utd v Southampton EFL Cup Final Live Stream & More!


Manchester United v Southampton betting is up for the EFL Cup Final on Sunday, February 26th. The first piece of domestic silverware will be handed out and there is an extra prize awaiting the victor as well because the winner will qualify for the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League as well, so it guarantees an entry in to Europe. This clash between the two Premier League sides is expected to be pretty tight deal as well and it should be a pretty tense 90 minutes of betting action to come.

Manchester United have collected 17 clean sheets this season and were on a five match clean sheet streak before conceding in their FA Cup tie with Blackburn at Ewood Park recently. So that has been some defensive form from Jose Mourinho’s men and that will mean that the Saints will have a hard time cracking them. But then the same can be said of things the other way around because Southampton made it through to the final without conceding a single goal in the tournament this season.

So because of the expected tight nature of things to come over the 90 minutes at Wembley, Bet365’s great 0-0 Bore Draw Insurance could turn out to be a great asset. Just place a wager on the correct score, scorecast or half time/full time markets and the bet loses because there are no goals scored in the EFL Cup Final then you will get a lost stake refunded as a free bet. This great 90 minutes coverage applies to all matches actually in the Bet365 sportsbook and it is one of their popular football betting products.

EFL Cup Final Betting Odds

Manchester United 4/5, Draw 5/2, Southampton 4/1

In the correct score market, which is covered by the 0-0 Bore Draw Insurance you have a 5/1 price at Bet365 on a Manchester United 1-0 result being turned out and that is the shortest price in the market. Southampton to get over the line to the silverware with a 1-0 win will fetch you a bigger price of 10/1 as the south coast side go to the capital as underdogs. But going back to how even this could be, the two clubs are split with two wins each over their last four meetings.

Southampton will have been enjoying some extra rest as well as Claude Puel’s men haven’t played since February 11th. Manchester United meanwhile, have played four games since then as they have been going along in both the FA Cup and the UEFA Europa League too, so will that allow the fresher-footed Saints the chance to get a better foothold in the Wembley contest?

You will have some big stars on show, notably Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has been in cracking scoring form lately and that could add some value to the Scorecast market, which is also covered by the 0-0 Bore Draw Insurance.  A Manchester United 1-0 and Zlatan Ibrahimovic Scorecast is going to be a popular wager and that of course is just the tip of the iceberg for the many EFL Cup Final betting markets that are already available at Bet365. It’s also worth noting that Bet365 offer Each Way First Goalscorer odds as well!

The icing on the Manchester United v Southampton EFL Cup Final betting cake though at Bet365 is their live stream! The bookmaker is providing a free live stream of the EFL Cup final at Wembley for their account holders who either have funds in their account or have placed a wager on the game itself.

Note that the live stream is blocked in certain countries, including the UK, USA, Jersey, Ireland, Guernsey, Gibraltar and more. Check out the full terms for blocked countries at Bet365. 

So if you can tap into the free live stream, then that allows you to watch the game live with them and enjoy their extensive live in-play betting portal as well!

There are over 70 active markets on big games for live betting at Bet365 and that gives you tremendous options and value while the game is in flow, such as next scorer, final score, next corner, match goals, next goal and half time result. So there is a treat of football betting products to enjoy at Bet365 for EFL Cup Final 2017 Betting and just sign up for an account to get it all. When you register an account with Bet365 they will give you a 100% matched deposit welcome bonus too and the a maximum value of that is a whopping £200!

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