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Lucky 15 Tips: How It Works and How to Win

31st March 2018 / Julian
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Online sportsbooks have opened up the betting markets to a huge audience across the UK and the world. Gone are the days when you’d have to navigate through a haze of smoke and flat-capped old codgers to get the cashier’s desk at your nearest high street bookmakers only to not really know what you’re supposed to be doing when filling out your ticket. Nowadays, punters from all walks of life can place wagers on sporting events from the comfort of their own home. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the betting options on offer aren’t any easier to get your head around.

One of the most interesting options that might appear from time to time on your online betslip is a “Lucky 15”. This is what we call a full cover bet, which in plain English refers to any bet that combines all of the possible multiple bets over a number of different selections. Lost? Don’t worry, all will be made clear.

Better Than an Acca

We can safely bet that you’ve used an online sports betting site to make up an accumulator bet. It’s one of the classic multiple bet options that has plenty of merits for both casual punters and serious sports bettors alike. What better way to add a bit of extra thrill to the weekend’s footy fixtures and potentially boosting your overall profit than by lumping four or more selections into one mega bet?

Soccer bet concept with football and money

We can also safely bet that you’ve placed an accumulator in the past only for one result not to come through, thus ruining your acca betslip and most likely your weekend too. Of course, if you placed a quid on an overly ambitious accumulator then you might not be too miffed. After all, you probably would have had to spend the majority of your winnings buying a round for your mates. If you are serious about sports betting for profit, then that one bad result could put a big dent into your bankroll and your confidence.

A Lucky 15 bet is a great alternative to a straight up accumulator since it spreads the wager over a variety of different multiple bets. This in turn spreads the risk and limits your potential losses, thus increasing your overall chance of coming out of the bet with some more money than you put in, or at least breaking even. Plus, the Lucky 15 is just so much more interesting than an accumulator bet. Why? Because even if the first result on your slip doesn’t go your way, there’s no need to throw your ticket in the bin because your chances of getting a profit are by no means over.

Lucky 15 Dissected

Making a Lucky 15 bet is incredibly straightforward, all you need to do is select four separate odds and, by ticking the right box in your betslip, the full cover bet will be combined automatically. If we were to break down a Lucky 15 bet, it would look something like this:

  • 15 separate bets split over 4 selections:
    • 4 singles – A, B, C, D.
    • 6 doubles – A&B, A&C, A&D, B&C, B&D, C&D.
    • 4 trebles – A&B&C, A&B&D, A&C&D, B&C&D
    • 1 fourfold accumulator – A&B&C&D.

As you can see, the permutations cover every possible multiple bet within the four selected odds. What’s more, you should begin to see exactly how your winning margins will be affected by the number of results you guess right out of the four chosen selections. If you get one winner, the you will win one single bet which will provide a small return or, depending on the odds, possibly help you break even. Two winners means you win two singles and one double bet, meaning you are likely to break even or return a small profit. Three winners equates to three singles, three doubles and one triple offering a healthy profit. All four winners and you will win all fifteen bets including the fourfold accumulator for some potentially big profit.

Top Tips


No-one can predict the outcome of sporting events – that’s what makes it all so much fun, right? But we can give you a few pointers to make sure you utilise the Lucky 15 permutation to give yourself the best chance of coming away with some profits.

  • The win is the thing: One of the most dangerous pitfalls that a punter can fall into with a Lucky 15 bet is getting too carried away when it comes to longer odds. With the added insurance that this multiple bet provides, bettors might think that its worthwhile lumping on one selection with higher odds to boost the potential return. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be ambitious or adventurous but you could end up wasting one of your selections. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable placing the bet in question in a normal accumulator then it shouldn’t have a place in your Lucky 15.
  • Stay in it to win it: If you’re after a huge profit fast, then you’re best of sticking on a tenfold acca. The problem with that is you’re very unlikely to ever win in that manner. In reality, Lucky 15s have a relatively small profit potential in the short term which is why you have to be in it for the long term. Placing a Lucky 15 every weekend over the course of a football season could accumulate some realistically tidy returns.
  • It worthwhile finding value: We’ve established that this type of multiple bet is all about keeping your ambitions realistic over a long period of time. Nevertheless, you can gain an edge by doing your homework and finding the best value odds in the market. Of course, you will have to pick your four selections from the same online bookmakers but you can still find out the best accumulated odds with an odds comparison site like
  • Don’t conflict your selections: If you can’t see the option to place a Lucky 15 on your betslip, then it might be because you have selected conflicting odds. That is to say that you’ve picked two or more bets from the same fixture, be it in the 1X2 match outcome market, correct score or other.
  • Know your total wager: Normally, online betslips ask punters to enter the amount that they wish to place as a stake on each individual bet of the Lucky 15. This means that the amount you enter will be multiplied by 15x to calculate the overall stake.

Best Sports for Lucky 15s

Lucky 15 bets work best in sports where there are many separate fixtures taking place over a short period of time. So, we’re talking about the weekend’s football action, a week of rugby union fixtures or even a tennis grand slam tournament. You could also place this full cover bet in the horse racing markets, especially when there is a meeting which involves multiple different races over the course of a weekend, such as the Cheltenham Festival.

It goes without saying, but we should stress that, as always, you should stick to what you know when it comes to placing a bet. If football is your sport then there’s no reason why you should venture into Hurling. By all means, feel free to explore foreign football leagues and lower leagues in the EFL since there are often more enticing odds to be found in these markets and you can apply what you know from general football betting when it comes to form and goal markets.

The tip is based on the personal opinion of the author. No success is guaranteed. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

* All mentioned odds were valid at the time of writing. Betting odds are subject to fluctuations. Please check the current odds with the respective bookmaker!

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